Monday, June 22, 2009

If A Kiss...

When one first engages his sight onto a girl
he needs to impress her right?
a poetry of impression to a girl who wants to be made possession...

If a kiss is a drop of water,

I'd give you the sea
If a hug is a leaf,
I'd give you a tree
If love is a person,
I'd give you me.

A burning love I have for you
When I see you
think of you
talk to you
imagine you
my fears vanquished
Sorrow turns to joy
Baby, I will always be your boy.

My love for you
is true
Shall we never be taken apart
When Cupid's arrow swooshed my heart
Your bright eyes shine my black day
The essence of your carress
makes me gay
The pink lips of thee
is as the blooming rose in the month of February.

Your soul is as white as a dove
For you are the only one I love...


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