Wednesday, June 24, 2009

As We Go On...

it's something that is written in our lives
we cant avoid it
we cant deny it
separated from your family, from your loved ones, from even your dream
i dedicate this to my friends from Asasi TESL UiTM batch 2008-2009
miss u lots!!!

As we go on

we remember
all the times we've
been together,
Through all the hard times
from ice to ember
we shall always be
friends forever.

All the happy times
All the sad moments
All the devastated seconds
and all the teary days
have come to this
bound to be separated
to the bottom of the abyss.

A year of happy
Two semesters of merry
pre-TESL, teachers to be
you people have opened my eyes
now I can see
you people will always
mean something to me
now, join me my friends
join me
to end our glorious era
of the Asasi.

We shall meet someday
in the future
graduation, success acquisition
for no, separation.

Dear friends!
Thou shall my cry when i yell
but all I can do
is bid my farewell.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Birthday

Tun Mahathir (the 4th Prime Minister of Malaysia) once stated
"Melayu Mudah Lupa" which means that Malays forget easily
what im trying to say is, it's normal to forget something right?
it's how you solve or overcome the stuff you forget is what counts
let's say you forget a date, urmmm, a birthday of someone you love
that that someone got mad, BRUTALLY MAD
i present to you, a poetry to pujuk her and make her smile again.....

Owh my love

You are the only one I have
The only one I desire
The only one I'll be with
The only one for me.

Ever since loving you
My spirit shines as the morning sun
You are the Achilles' Heel for my fears
Losing you would drop down glimmering tears.

I love you, I love you
I love you, and I love you
My feelings for you
My kisses to you
My affection of you
is nothing but true
I see you in my dreams
killing my demon nightmares
I see you in my heart
vanquishing my inner evils
I love you, I love you
I love you, and I love you
and I wil always be true.

You are the voices within me
Your love towards me
Entirely makes me gay
Owh my darling of mine
Happy birthday...

If A Kiss...

When one first engages his sight onto a girl
he needs to impress her right?
a poetry of impression to a girl who wants to be made possession...

If a kiss is a drop of water,

I'd give you the sea
If a hug is a leaf,
I'd give you a tree
If love is a person,
I'd give you me.

A burning love I have for you
When I see you
think of you
talk to you
imagine you
my fears vanquished
Sorrow turns to joy
Baby, I will always be your boy.

My love for you
is true
Shall we never be taken apart
When Cupid's arrow swooshed my heart
Your bright eyes shine my black day
The essence of your carress
makes me gay
The pink lips of thee
is as the blooming rose in the month of February.

Your soul is as white as a dove
For you are the only one I love...

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