Friday, August 14, 2009

The Day of Destruction

To those who hates their lecturers, and finds that assignments are nothing but another misery to your collection...

The day of destruction begins
Cries of hell shall be heard
Sorrow roams free
Here arrives despair
As evil floats in the air

Eyes of destruction
Eyes of evil
The glares of horror
The stares of terror
They bring us fear
Annihilation is near
Doom is what we are bound for
Devastation is what's in store

The creatures of fire
Punishing our souls
Their demonic voices
"Finish it! Or suffer!" they say
"Go against us, and pay..."

Their fury is overwhelming
Their evil eyes wreak havoc in our souls
Their vile touch crushes our bones
Their venomous voice engages us in pain
Allowing us to be in eternal vain

The demons force us
make us
torture us
to do their bidding
our state of loath
despair and abhorrence
in our flesh it's filling
we summon upon the humble warrior
O! Humble warrior
stop this pain
we summon upon the humble warrior
O! Humble warrior
these demons to be slain...

These demons are feeding us
with more anguish
misery and suffering
their black demands
to get their wishes finished
done and accomplished
on time
or else,
punishment by powers o'divine

No! NO!
I vision more demands imminent!
No! NO!
Not another bloody...


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